[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have numerous numbers of different kind of people in this world, and each different person has their individual characters.  Bellow are a few categories of characters of clients you will want to walk into your shop for your service. Knowing the characters of these clients would help you serve them even better


  1. The Professionals

This category of clients, are people who spend much time in a particular business or profession, they take pride in their work, and don’t joke with their time because there is very much valuable to them. These are the kind of clients any tattoo artist should seek because they are patient type. Customers are always the best because they are patient type, they have the knowledge that for something to come out good, it has to take time. And they would most likely pay higher for a quality and amazing work, If you fall into this category, you are an awesome client, please don’t change for anything.

2-The Open minded clients:

The open minded clients is also a good kind of client for a Tattoo artist who enjoys  little freedom. This category of clients enjoys and appreciates creativity, most times they may not have the particular design they want already sorted out in their mind. These kind of clients are creative and they create their concept and trust their artist to creatively bring out their concept, just like they wanted it. Now for the artist, working with an Open minded client can be cool, but might have to glance through a portfolio before putting your total trust in their concept.


3-The Hooked

The category of clients always brings in positive vibes  for tattoo artists. These are the kind of clients who were really impressed by the previous tattoo they got from their artist or were mesmerized by the tattoo their family member or friend got from a Tattoo shop. The Hooked clients are just the kind of clients you need to promote an artist services or shop. So you as a Tattoo artist, should be very careful in rendering your service to this category of clients, because they will end up being your trumpet to the world.


4-The Tattoo Legends:

These are the very experienced folks in the Tattoos, so they can always manipulate their wayaround tattoo shops. Something about the Tattoo Legends is that they are most times either covered with vast tattoos, gotten from different shops or they have at least one or two large piece of tattoo like a back piece or a sleeve. Legends are knowledgeable on the pricing of the tattoo industry and they most times tip the artist for a good job done, but some Legends can be very choosy at times about the kind of design they want and they would want it done exactly how they wanted it done.

5-The Investor:

These are the category of clients that values and appreciate Tattoos, they understand that tattoos don’t come cheap.  They treat their each tattoo purchase as though one is buying a car rather than groceries. Investors would love to pay bit by bit, you could be smart enough by putting them in a plan until their first tattoo session is paid in full.  Most times this category of clients usually does most of their findings by visiting different shops and glancing through different portfolios to fully grasp the industry prices.

So it is quite ideal to know your desirable clients as a Tattoo artist, understanding their needs and manner of approach gives you a greater edge in making great sales.If you want to meet the best of Tattoo clients or you are seeking the finest Tattoo artist download  “Humble App”, you will be sure glad you did.
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