Why would you have a digital twin within a decade?

  • Why would you have a digital twin within a decade?

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    June 18, 2022 at 4:58 am

    Most of our friends tell us that we have soulmates – some strangers they walk on the street who are strangely similar to you.

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    But imagine if you could create your own twins. imitate yourself but a person who lives a purely digital life

    We are living in an era where everything that exists in the real world is digitally replicated. Be it our city, our cars, our homes, and even ourselves.

    And just like the wildly popular metaverse—plans for a virtual world where its own avatars would walk around—digital twins have emerged as a new tech trend to talk about.

    Digital twins are exact replicas of something in the physical world. But it has a unique mission – to help improve or provide feedback to the real-life version in another way.

    Initially, the twins were just complex 3D computer models. But artificial intelligence (AI) combines with the Internet of Things, which uses sensors to connect physical things to networks. It means you can now create something digitally that continually learns and helps. Improve the real couple

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