Humble App is designed to make life even easier for everyone.
You are welcome to a whole exciting world of a world where you are can express and show display artistic craft to the world with ease, enter the world of “Humble app”. This app is designed for four categories of people, designed to make life even easier for artists. Listed below are these categories of people

• Customers
• Artists
• Business owners
• Freelancers.

Customers: Are you tired of paying lots of money and can’t find the best service as you need Or you just moved to a new place don’t know where to find a place great place for your beauty touch? Do you also want to get a makeup for an upcoming event that is coming soon, or you want the most amazing tattoo to idolize someone you love, or spice up your hairstyle. Then this app is just ideal for you, in this app you will find top class artists like makeup artists, tattoo artists, Barbers, nail artist. So you can choose from the list of variety artist to provide you with your service, all you need to do is to book an online appointment with the artists of your choice, by checking through their reviews and profile.

Artist: No matter what field of beauty, art you are in, be it a nail technician, tattoo Artists, professional makeup artists. Whatever craft of beauty, art you do? As long as you love what you do! And you are passionate about your craft! Then you should figure out a ways to create the best services for your customers looking beyond the money benefit. You might have been trying to get awareness for your business but so far the awareness is low. Then this app is for you, you have the responsibility to create and give the best offers to customers so as to attract them; customers would have access to look into the business owner’s stores, salons and beauty shops. They could see the business owner’s work team and their previous works which they will see on pictures display before & after pictures. As an artist, if you move to a new town, this app would help you locate your customers, so download the app now and start hitting up more sales!

Business Owner: Are you a business owner? Any business in the world, there are top three important rules you should follow….
(i) Find customers
(ii) Keep customers
(iii) Get customer referral.

Well, this app will help you to do it all with ease, this app will help to give the customers irresistible offers they can’t refuse. This app will help you find and hire the most talented artists for employment, schedule appointment with your customers and even if you are on vacation. The app is designed to help your business grow bigger by helping you locate customers, all you need to do is to download app, register and upload your shop pictures, your services pictures and some of the finest works you have done in the past. All these would give your business great visibility and hereby make potential stuck to you, then you will keep a good communication and relationship with your customers with the app. And the happy customers would leave you a good review, this is the best customer referral any business owner can get. So download the app now and take your business to the next level!

Freelancers: Artist also has the opportunity to offer their services on a freelance basis; you will have your working data displayed for customers to see and that would give you a great leverage to be hired by customers for your services. As a freelancer, you would have to put in your very best to make your customers happy so as to get good reviews to attract more sales from potential customers. You can create great working relationships with your customers with the app, get more visibility for more sales. So get geared up to welcome more customers with this app, all you need to do is to put in your very best in servicing your customers so as to keep them coming and referring you to other customers. Download the app now and take your freelance craft to another level.

This app makes life, even easier for artists and consumers, and business owners. With this app artists will smile more to the bank, Business owners and freelancers will get more business visibility and therefore putting smiles on the customers faces with their service. All you need to do to enter this amazing and innovative world is to download and install the app to your devices and follow the instructions and you are so good to go! “Humble app” is the new and innovative ways to go into the business of Beauty craft, follow the trend and don’t be left behind! Download the “Humble app now!.



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