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Just a normal day sharpening nails inside the car

Here’s your resquest nail lovers…you guys must be curious how do I file my nails, sharpening them to sharper… enjoy! source

Top 20 Nail Art Designs for short Nails | Life Style

This video is for some people who doesn’t have long nails then this video is perfect for you. Hope you liked the video and click that subscribe button and that … source

How to remove gel nail polish at home without ruining your nails

https://bit.ly/2IQcIxH Please like our video, subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications How to remove gel nail polish at home without ruining your nails … source

How i put on fake nails at home :))

Im not a professional at this so please don’t be too harsh.I just made this video for fun. Fake Nails – https://s.lazada.com.ph/s.r84C. source

Say hello to Face inc by Nails inc

A high performance skincare range powered by natural actives. Transform your skin to fab in just 15 minutes with this range of must have face masks. source

20+ Easy New Years Eve Nails Designs and Ideas 2017

Hi everyone 🙂 I am a fan of nail art. The videos are not made by me I just made the compilation.❤ Thank you for watching & don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE ! source

Rainbow Shell Nails: Look DIY

It’s the 50th episode of Look DIY! To celebrate, we’ve created a nail art design to replicate the metallic rainbow of abalone shells. So mesmerizing! Follow this … source

Valentine's Day Nails – Bundle Monster HUGE Mochi Stamper review

Subscribe to my channel for new tutorials! Valentine’s Day Nail Art & BM Mochi Stamping Station Review … source

Short Cartoon Learning Colours with Nail Paint

In the cartoon nails paint varnishes of different colors with sequins. In yellow, green, red, blue, pink. Also learn the pronunciation of these colors in English. source

New Nail Art 2019 💄😱 The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation #43

Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this new style of nail art, then subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/5kgwY7 Im happy for every new subscriber ! source